Singapore Computer Repair & Services

Return Policy and Warranty Information

D.I.Y System

All D.I.Y system carries a free 7 day standard warranty (Warranty begins from the date of invoice)
If any computer part is defective during the warranty period, we will replace the defective hardware with a new part or compatible part at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.


1. Replacement parts: includes only RAMs, Graphic Card, Optical Drive, Sound Card, Power Supply, Speakers, Keyboard and Mouse

2. Some peripherals carry a manufacturer’s warranty that is effective even after the expiry of SERVICIST PTE. LTD. Standard Warranty (e.g. Kingston Rams Limited lifetime or Seagate Hard Drive 3 year warranty). Parts like speakers and optical drives carry only a 1 year warranty. Note that the manufacturer’s warranty supersedes all SERVICIST PTE. LTD extended warranty. Upon expiry of SERVICIST PTE. LTD Standard Warranty, customers will have to deal directly with manufacturers or distributors regarding malfunctioning computer parts.

3.  Servicist Pte Ltd parts and service warranty does not cover software under any circumstances. Service requested on software-related problems will be subject to additional charges.

4. In any circumstances, the Customers requires Servicist Pte Ltd  staff to install software in their computers, It have to be ORIGINAL LEGAL COPY.

5. All PC Components sold are non refundable.

6. All PC components carry local distributor’s warranty.

7. If any parts due to manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period. Customers may deal directly with manufacturers or distributors regarding malfunctioning computer parts.

Cancellation of Order

There will be no charges if cancellation of order occurs before confirmation. However, a charge of 10% from the total price purchased will be levied on the customer if order is cancelled after confirmation of order.

Limitation of Liability

SERVICIST PTE. LTD. will not be responsible for any damages or costs that are resulted from accidents, misuse, disaster, or abuse of your computer. Warranty shall be void if failure or defect was attributable to any extrinsic cause, accidental damage, improper use, neglect, wear and tear, liquid spillage, modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates, or repairs made to your system by anyone other than a SERVICIST representative. SERVICIST PTE. LTD. are not liable for any losses or complications that arise as a result of computer failure or a delay in the production or repair of your system.