Singapore Computer Repair & Services

Services/Repair Terms & Conditions

1. Servicist Pte. Ltd advises that is shall be the Customer’s responsibility upon collection/delivery of the repaired article(s) to check and confirm that the defect(s) in the article(s) has been rectified and the article(s) is in good working condition.

Any defects or deficiencies are to be reported immediately.

Customer’s failure to notify of any such defect or deficiency shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of any claim in connection and Servicist Pte Ltd shall be released of any liability in connection therewith. No refund will be entertained thereafter.

2.  It shall be customer’s responsibility to check all accessories (if any) accompanying the article(s) send for servicing has been returned upon collection/ delivery of the repaired article(s)

3. The article(s) is entitled to 1 month warranty (“Repair Warranty Period”) starting from the date of collection after the first repair service. No additional charges will be imposed on any subsequent Repair Service on the article(s) for the same defects within the Repair Warranty Period, with the exception for parts replacement, provided that the article(s) is still within the Product Warranty Period.

4. Any chargeable defective parts will be disposed under our company’s own discretion without prejudice

5. Servicist Pte. Ltd reserves the sole right to vary, delete or add to any of the Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.